Optimile goes the Extra mile for you!

Optimile is a software house that creates Mobility as a Service.

Optimile offers:

  • a cloud-based Charge Point Operator platform to manage charging points for electric vehicles.
  • a cloud-based Mobility Service Provider platform (=MaaS Platform) that acts as a link between different kinds of mobility services and the end-user.

charge point operator


This back-office system with a complete suite of services fully addresses the needs of every Charge Point Operator.

  • Price setting
  • Smart grid
  • Compatibility
  • Accounting
  • Interoperability
  • Maintenance
  • Other services

This cloud based back-office system enables each stakeholder to use the platform from any location and from any device.

mobility service provider


This back-office system with a complete suite of services will offer each Mobility Service Provider the ultimate freedom to offer a wide range of mobility services to their customers in an efficient and flexible way.

  • Subscriptions
  • Mobility Budget
  • Accounting
  • Interoperability
  • Mobile app
  • Online Payment Solutions
  • Other services

This cloud based back-office system has a distinct interface for each stakeholder, for any device and can be used from any location.

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Our mission

Optimile goes the extra mile for you by organizing the route in the most efficient way, every time.

We have tested several platforms & we preferred the platform of Optimile. They are superior, especially in terms of features, reaction time and flexibility.


Peter Hofierka - CFO GreenWay

Quality is the best business plan. Optimile gets it.


Jean-François Cheyns - Owner

Fast response, excellent service. Thank you, Optimile team! Keep up the good work!


Peter van der Zijde - Owner