Be part of a bigger mobility story.

Our digital mobility marketplace is the first B2B marketplace for services related to transport.
By creating a place where supply and demand can meet, we want to facilitate the integration of mobility services in mobility services providers’ platforms.

  • 120K

    connected charging stations
  • >150

    mobility partners
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  • 1.2 million

    customers reached

Optimile is already active in the following countries and regions.


  • Belgium

  • Lithuania

  • Italy

  • Norway

  • The Netherlands

  • Poland

  • Switzerland

  • France

  • United Kingdom

  • Germany

Below you find an overview of all integrated Mobility Service types in our Marketplace.


Expand your customer network by plugging into the Mobility Marketplace

Are you an Operator managing mobility hardware such as Charge Points, Fuel stations, Taxis, on-/off-street Parkings, Bikes to share, Cars to rent, etc.?

Plug into our Mobility Marketplace and expand your customer network with the wider market connected mobility users.

How to plug in, you say?

Option 1: use one of our own developed Operator Platforms (for Charge Points, Taxi, Shuttle, Car rental, Bike rental, etc.)

Option 2: simply use an API to connect with our Mobility Marketplace

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Offer connected mobility with the right set of Mobility Services from the Mobility Marketplace

Do you consider offering connected mobility to your end Mobility Users?

Explore the wide range of Mobility Services in our Mobility Marketplace and compose a connected mobility solution for your different type of customers.

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