Connect and expand your car rental business.

Privately owned cars are becoming less obvious, but sometimes we all need a car. Through our marketplace, you can easily reach mobility service providers by offering them your car fleet.

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New and more clients, easily and everywhere.

Optimile is constantly helping clients to get to their destination in the most economical, fastest or eco-friendly way. This way, we’re analyzing when your service becomes the perfect match with the needs of our clients.

Via one API or our platform your services will be promoted across Europe with already ## users. By reaching users who do not want to subscribe through our system, you will extend your client base.

Expand your car fleet more easily abroad when you already have clients there through our net- work.

Through an easy and transparant payment system where Mobility Service Providers manage all the financial transactions with users, you do not have to worry anymore.

Be a chain in the process of getting from A to B. No need to think about the gap you can fill in the user’s journey: we figured out when your service comes in.


Connect in two di erent ways

We offer our benefits to two audiences. Well-established car rental companies with an own platform and protocol, can connect to our system via an API.

Smaller providers who do not have the right software tools to rent out their cars can use our own basic platform.

Ready to welcome new clients?

Try out our services by connecting with your API, or request a demo of our platform.

Connect via API

Reach a broader audience by connecting through our API with our Mobility Marketplace.

Connect via API

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Ready to boost your business? Use one of our mobility operator platforms and find more clients with our Mobility Marketplace.

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Pay for what you get, nothing more.

We believe that you should only pay for high-quality services you really need and use, therefore:

  • No entry cost
  • A safe payment service is provided
  • No yearly licence cost
  • Continued development thanks to a
    commission on booked services

Why Optimile

Choose European expertise

We offer the Software platform to different Mobility Service providers. Therefore, a broad audience all over Europe can use your car fleet.

Thanks to our years of experience, we know perfectly how to set up a marketplace.

We are a dynamic and flexible company and therefore we can easily understand your business model and implement your car fleet in our platform.

“Quality is the best business plan.

Optimile gets it.”

Jean-François Cheyne


Frequently asked questions

How many users do already use our marketplace?

We have ## MSP’s who are already using our platform. Those service providers offer their transport services to a

How many protocol updates are there?

Every month, we update our protocols. Do not hesitate to get in touch if there is something that should definitely be implemented next time.

How many mobility operators are involved?

At the moment ## different mobility operators are active in our marketplace.