Turn your bikes into a rental while keeping your business on a roll

Increase bike rental opportunities and wheel your rides to a wide audience.

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Explore the features to help you set up your bike rental business.

What if you could list and let out your bikes instead of letting them gather dust. With our rental platform we connect bike owners with active people looking to rent a bike. Through our service, you can offer bikes in your area, control your rental lifecycle and manage payments. Access this key information from anywhere at any time.


Benefit from an established network

Attract more bike rental users through the already existing links with a large group of Mobility Service Providers.


Keep an overview of your revenues

Set up bike classes and models, define your own rental pricing and calculate revenues. Choose to rent by hour, day or week and automatically calculate the price for your reservations.

user management

Manage and restrict access of your users

The platform allows you to have the right people on board. Set up certain permissions, such as adding car categories and consulting reports, and link these to your users.


Manage insurance options

Determine different sorts of insurance types, including the necessary information files and pricing. Attribute the specific insurance options to the different bikes you have in mind.


Customize pick-up and drop off location

Offer your customers the opportunity to pick up and drop off your bike at a predefined time and location.


Run comprehensible reports

Our report feature is your ideal tool to create clear graphs and charts. It allows you to make educated decisions and boost your profits.


Track your rentals

Have a clear real-time view on your platform of all your rentals. Know who has got which bike and when it is coming back. All in one user-friendly interface.


  • No set-up fee
  • No license costs
  • Optimile continues developing thanks to a commission on booked services

Got any questions about the Cabsee platform? Don’t hesitate to contact us or visit the Cabsee website for more information.

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Why Optimile

Use a platform that helps you grow

  • Easily combine your bike rental service with other mobility services
  • Reach an engaged audience through our Mobility Marketplace
  • Rely on a pioneer in creating an exhaustive bike rental platform


Frequently asked questions

Is there a billing system linked to the Bike Rental Operator platform?

There is an automated reporting system in place that monthly draws a report on the booked sessions of your service.

What’s the set-up cost?

There’s no set-up fee nor license cost included. Optimile provides the platform and ongoing support thanks to an agreed commission on every booked session.

Is there a possibility to define different price structures?

Yes, of course. There is the possibility to define the price for a bike for half a day, one day, a weekend, a full week, two weeks, a month and a year. It is not mandatory to use all price types, you can just leave a field empty if not applicable.