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Explore the features to help you set up your car rental business.

Our car rental platform allows you to list and let out your cars, which may otherwise rust on a driveway and cost you money. Help to meet car sharing needs and turn your fleet into a part-time rental pool. A great opportunity to generate additional income as a garage owner, rental firm or even as a private owner.


Benefit from an established network

Attract more car rental users through the already existing links with a large group of Mobility Service Providers.


Keep an overview of your revenues

Set up car classes and models, define your own rental pricing and calculate revenues. All in one user-friendly interface.

user management

Add authorized users

The platform allows you to have the right people on board. Set up certain permissions, such as adding car categories and consulting reports, and link these to your users. You hold all the cards.


Manage insurance options

Determine different sorts of insurance types, including the necessary information files and pricing. Attribute the specific insurance options to the different classes of cars you have in mind.


Customize pick-up and drop off location

Offer your customers the opportunity to pick up and drop off your car at a predefined time and location.


Run comprehensible reports

Our report feature is your ideal tool to create clear graphs and charts. It allows you to analyse each aspect of your car rental platform.


  • No set-up fee
  • No license costs
  • Optimile continues developing thanks to a commission on booked services

Got any questions about the Cabsee platform? Don’t hesitate to contact us or visit the Cabsee website for more information.

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Why Optimile

Choose European expertise

  • Easily combine your car rental service with other mobility services
  • Reach an engaged audience through our Mobility Marketplace
  • Rely on a pioneer in creating an exhaustive car rental platform


Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between car category and car configuration?

A car category encompasses a group of cars that share the same general characteristics, such as: transmission, number of seats, fuel type, etc. … A car configuration gives you the exact info of the type of car (brand, model, car type, …).

Is there a billing system linked to the car rental operator platform?

There is an automated reporting system that monthly draws a report on the booked sessions of your service.

What is the set-up cost?

There’s no set-up fee nor license cost included. Optimile provides the platform and ongoing support thanks to an agreed commission on every booked session.