Benefit from the Mobility Marketplace

Attract and reach more customers through integration with our Mobility Marketplace. Get in touch with different mobility service providers who can sign up for your car rental service. Highlight your services, create promotions and boost your business.

Sign one contract, get one invoice

Agree upon one interoperability contract and the sky will become the limit for your business. Offer your network of car rental services to the end-users of multiple connected mobility service providers, while you only have to consider one invoice. Saves you the hassle of dealing with tons of payments and invoices.

Reach a huge customer base

Get more reach by taking automatically part in a widespread mobility landscape with different connected mobility service providers. Immediately hook up with several MaaS-players and expand your business to new heights.

Trigger the right audience for your service

Surf along the promotion campaigns of the different connected MaaS-players, or launch your own
special offers through vouchers, referral rewards, discounts, etc. to the different connected mobility end-users. Target your groups and convert them into ambassadors of your service.

Let’s get started!

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