Run comprehensible reports

Analyse and review each aspect of your car rental platform with our user-friendly report feature. Get clear insights through graphs and charts in just a few clicks, and discover new opportunities to create the desired car rental service for your customers.

Build customized activity reports in no time

Keep up to date with the ins and outs of your car rental service with easy-to-build customized reports. Just select the necessary fields, filters, groupings and charts of your choice, and get an immediate real-time view on your current business.

Track performance and attract more users

Get a hold of your car rental performance data through dashboards and other tracking and reporting tools. Drive smart decisions to attract more users to your car rental services with the right insights at the right time.

Get insights for a solid growth strategy

Create and evaluate your business metrics and enrich them with the most up-to-date data through the export data functionality. Draw reports on rides time, rides coverage, fuel consumption and much more.

Discover where customized delivery is a flourishing business, what rental cars are your most popular ones, when to start performing maintenance on your fleet, etc. Get the findings you need to continuously improve customer satisfaction and grow your car rental business.

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