Get notified when service or repair work is required for your charging stations. Receive both preventive and curative tickets to keep your infrastructure in good health. Never miss an issue thanks to the smart ticketing system of the maintenance platform.

Follow up charge point problems and avoid future ones

Make sure your charging stations are always in perfect shape. Get informed by our ticketing system when:

  • A problem has already occurred and maintenance is needed due to malfunction, failure or lack of cleanliness. (= curative)
  • It is time for regular cleaning, maintenance and check-ups to ensure a problem-free operation of your charge points = (preventive)
Allocate maintenance to several partner

Pick the appropriate maintenance companies to ensure your EV charging points are fully functioning at all times. Don’t stress about access to the maintenance platform: each company can only see and maintain the allocated charge points.

Keep a third eye on charging events
  • Browse through log files to anticipate on certain charge point issues.
  • Keep track of the ‘heartbeat’ of every charging point. Get notified through ticketing if too long time from the last heartbeat has passed, and which charging station temporarily becomes offline.
  • Provide a 4G connection through a remote commando in case of a wonky network connection.
Understand the problems per charging device

Gain better insights into the underlying problems of your charging stations by scanning your tickets. Gradually reveal the cause of maintenance needs by scrolling through ticket statuses and uploaded files. See how charge point issues are solved by your maintenance company.

Offer maintenance companies a helping hand

Upload all relevant files into our system to help out maintenance companies as best as possible. Offer them the required content, like manuals, user guides, release notes … so they can carry out their job properly.

Let’s get started!

Optimile can meet your EV charging business needs and provide a smooth charging experience to all drivers. Ready to go electric? Let’s roll!

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