Sim card management

Rely on a secure internet connectivity via SIM card. Get immediate alerts when too much data are used or other thresholds are reached. Save time, money and trouble thanks to well-organised SIM card systems.

Manage your SIM cards remotely

Activate, deactivate or reactivate your SIM cards in the following situations:

1. Activate when your charging station is set up in the field.
2. Deactivate when communication is unncessary or a charging station needs replacement.
3. Reactivate to keep full control over the charging behaviour of your charging station.

Prevent unexpected data consumption

Don’t worry about unpredictably high data usage or costs. Check consumption, set alerts and limits and get notified when charging stations send an unexpected amount of data. Automatically deactivate the SIM-card when a predefined level is reached.

Get a clear view on data costs

Gain better insights in the used data of your charging stations and its (recurring) costs. Keep track of your total expenses, draw your own graphs and charts and see how data costs of your charging stations evolve over time.

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