Smart grid

Distribute the amount of power to your different charge points intelligently thanks to our smart grid system. This cloud-based algorithm notifies each charge point how much power can be distributed to each car. Based on fluctuating parameters the system continuously recalculates the necessary power to satisfy all incoming customers.

Ensure your customers to be charged on time

Keep a dynamic eye on the charging blocks for every EV, so that you can prioritize customers’ charging needs dependent on their expected leaving time. On top of that, you will be able to deliver more power and get some more earnings.

Offer the best price policy to your customers

Analyze the best price indications in terms of time and virtually block the right moment to charge the car of your customers. This way they will always charge at the most economical price. Because happy customers become recurrent customers.

Avoid an overload of your electric grid

Don’t worry about blowing your electric grid. By taking into account the overall amount of dynamically available power, our smart grid algorithm will only allocate the accessible power to distribute to the active charging points.

Let’s get started!

Optimile can meet your EV charging business needs and provide a smooth charging experience to all drivers. Ready to go electric? Let’s roll!

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