Manage subscriptions with charge point owners easily. Conclude tailor-made and comprehensive contracts for each owner, based on different criteria. Update contract templates with or without modifying signed contracts.

Draw up contracts in an easy and comprehensive way

Get in charge of the go-to-market strategy of your subscription models:
Specify your own subscription plan names, icons, short & long descriptions, terms & conditions, billing systems, etc. Define the different functionalities of all your subscription possibilities. Translate all this content to the desired language(s).

Update contract templates with or without modifying signed contracts

Enjoy a hassle-free subscription management. Use our templates for subscription functionalities and copy the fixed parameters to real contracts. This allows you to update your templates without changing ongoing contracts.

The reverse also applies. When changing the flexible parameters in the template, the ongoing contracts will be automatically adjusted.

Let’s get started!

Optimile can meet your EV charging business needs and provide a smooth charging experience to all drivers. Ready to go electric? Let’s roll!

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