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All-in-one mobility on the go

Our white-labeled Mobility-as-a-Service Platform (MaaS) gives you the ultimate freedom to offer a wide or selected range of mobility services to your end-users. It integrates end-to-end trip planning, booking, electronic ticketing and payment services across different transportation modes, public or private. A flexible and efficient solution for your users to plan, book and pay their door-to-door trips with just one single app.

Stand out as a Mobility-as-a-Service provider


Streamline billing & accounting

Set your own pricing strategies and manage subscription billing with flexible terms. Calculate revenues in just a few clicks.


Instigate marketing initiatives

Attract more people to your MaaS platform. Convince potential users to sign up for your services and advertise with discounts & vouchers.


Lead the right way with the route planner

Allow users to easily plan their journey and offer the desired mobility services based on their personal preferences.


Gain from a rich interface

Offer users the possibility to keep an eye on all mobility sessions and expenses. Manage payments easily, set a mobility budget or handle subscriptions through e-mandates.


Authenticate with tokens

Put users at the core of a supreme mobility service and grant them access to different mobility services. Simply authenticate users through an app, mobility card or even their own license plate.


Get the absolute best of what Software as a Service (SaaS) has to offer. Use our integrations with all kinds of management platforms. Build a customer relationship with the best tools available. Inspire your audience with relevant content and keep an overview of your data through graphs and charts. The integrations with the MaaS platform are endless.


Billing & Payment

Master subscriptions, payments and billing details thanks to the integration with our selected accounting software program. Use our API to set up a connection with other accounting programs.


Enjoy a platform that is compatible with our Mobility Marketplace. Connect with the whole market of mobility operators and select those you want to offer in just a few clicks. It’s as simple as that!


Streamline your workflow, synchronize customer data and get more out of your business thanks to a seamless integration with your mail client.

Data analyzing

Make smarter decisions for your business, use our integrations with the data warehouse and data analyzer.


From predominant ownership towards meeting usership…
Get inspired by our MaaS philosophy


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Getting started!

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You are in safe hands

  • Rely on a pioneer in creating an exhaustive Mobility-as-a-Service platform
  • Simply select the mobility operators you want to offer as a MaaS provider
  • Appeal to a bigger target audience and get more reach through the Mobility Marketplace


Frequently asked questions

Can I decide which mobility services I would like to offer from the Mobility Marketplace?

Of course. Depending on your targeting as a MaaS provider, you can select a set of services from the Mobility Marketplace.  

Can I determine my own subscription structure towards mobility users?

For sure. As a MaaS provider, you are free to address your own customers and choose your own subscription and pricing strategy. 

Is there a billing system linked to the MaaS platform? 

Our automated invoicing system automatically calculates monthly costs and sends out the invoices. (both for the mobility operator and the mobility user)

What are the possible technical integrations to set up the MaaS platform?

Considering the architecture and ecosystem of the client, Optimile offers several possibilities.
1) The Mobility-as-a-Serivce solution is offered as a SaaS platform.
2) The app is either offered as a native app or can be integrated according to your needs, as:
– a plug-in, for an existing app environment,
– an API,
– SDK.