Mobility user interface

Give client admins the possibility to keep an eye on all mobility expenses. Provide real-time info on the used services, duration of sessions, available budget, (un)paid invoices, etc. Allow them the power to restrict access to certain users.

Keep watch over users & permissions

Allow client admins to control and analyze mobility sessions within a team. Let them assign different levels of security to ensure sensitive contract information is kept safe and secure. Decide who can check invoices, manage contracts or budgets, request a token, etc. while keeping the info private between all users.

Manage contracts in a compliant way

Grant client admins the flexibility to specify multiple types of contracts according to users’ mobility needs. Offer the possibility to quickly adjust contracts when mobility demands have changed for certain users.

Set a mobility budget and define the refill

Offer client admins the freedom to define a mobility budget for its end-users to easily pay on-the-go for your mobility services. Choose to upgrade this budget at a fixed time with a fixed amount or simply “top up” the budget from time to time.

Use tokens to authenticate access

Use personal access tokens (e.g. mobility card, license plate, login & password, etc.) to authenticate access to your services. Let client admins unblock mobility cards, reset passwords for accounts or sign up new tokens for its different users.

Keep an eye on all mobility sessions

Allow client admins access to the mobility history of all its users and analyze sessions data. Offer insights into users’ behavior and help admins uncover mobility patterns. This way they can adjust the expenditure budget or provide other mobility packages according to user needs.

Offer user-friendly billing services

Create automatic payments for recurring customers. Handle subscriptions by direct debits via e-mandates and save subscribers a lot of administrative hassle. Let them consult post-paid or pre-paid invoices and manage payment methods.

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