Lowering the threshold to fully embrace Mobility as a Service

It takes effort to fully commit to the MaaS philosophy. Ownership of transportation still predominates. Cars are in charge on the road, and people won’t just turn over the symbol of freedom from one day to the next. That’s why we offer car-oriented users a convenient life on the road, but also show them alternative travel solutions through the same mobile gateway. This is how we try to encourage the shift towards usership.

A 2-in-1 mobility solution

Reach out to car-oriented users with useful services such as: road assistance, nearby fuel stations, car maintenance, etc. Propose them alternative solutions when a car does not seem to be the most convenient way to get to their destination. (e.g. in case of traffic jams, distant parking lots, hazardous roads).

“Why not drop the car at the outskirts of the city during rush hours and switch to a rental bike to continue the journey? Or take public transport when the weather is bad?”

This is how we want to show the advantages of other mobility solutions. By exposing car users the added value of alternative mobility through one single interface, we gradually try to convince them to jump into the full MaaS experience.

Towards usership before ownership

Although transportation is being hit by a digital tsunami and the sharing economy has become a booming business, the road towards full usership is still a long way ahead of us. We lower the threshold for users to get a taste of usership over ownership.

Contribute to the MaaS story

The rapid urbanization has led to an increased pressure on the transportation infrastructure. Logically, the demand for a one-stop solution with seamless mobility service needs is growing very fast. The MaaS story is very likely to become a bestseller over the coming years. The time is definitely now to explore the connected mobility solutions and uncover MaaS business opportunities.

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