Make sure you have everyone on board. Give the right access to the right people. Assign roles, grant or deny them certain permissions and equip your team members with the right information, related to their positions. You hold all the cards.

Assign roles for a better workflow management

Maintain control over system access. Define roles and easily bring them to life through the permissions assignment interface. Choose broad-based roles that cover most of the mobility service platform features or narrow down to focused roles, tied to feature-specific functionalities.

Define how users can operate on your platform

Determine who can use your mobility service platform. Specify which functionalities employees can access and give permission to view, manage, modify data or operate your devices. Explore the flexibility of either choosing less roles with many permissions, or more roles with specific functional access. The choice is yours!

Empower users with various roles and permissions

Organize which specific users, or groups of users, can access different functionalities based on their role. Create multiple user accounts, assigned to different roles with specific permissions and manage access control the way you want.

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