Arrange flexible subscriptions with your mobility clients. Easily draw up tailor-made and comprehensive contracts for each client, based on different criteria. Offer pre-paid, ad hoc or post-paid subscription plans.

Draw up comprehensive contracts

Get in charge of your go-to-market strategy. Customize your own subscription plans: names, icons, short & long descriptions, pre-paid and post-paid contracts, terms & conditions, billing systems, etc. Define the different functionalities and translate this content to the desired language(s).

Update contract templates with or without modifying signed contracts

Enjoy a hassle-free subscription management. Use our templates for subscription functionalities and copy the fixed parameters to real contracts. This allows you to update your templates without changing ongoing contracts. The reverse also applies. When changing the flexible parameters in the template, the ongoing contracts will be automatically adjusted.

Convince customers with a step-by-step contract strategy

Attract mobility users with a smart marketing approach. Create pay-as-you-go contracts to give customers a taste of your service and become familiar with your mobility offer. Trigger users to fill in more details so you can approach them with a customized marketing strategy. Convince them in the end to sign up for a more sustainable contract.

Create the perfect mobility package for your target group(s)

Include the desired mobility services to the subscription model for your specific target audience. Get inspired by the MaaS+ philosophy, add different car related services to your subscription models so you reach more devoted car users. Let them, as well, taste from shared mobility services, such as: bike rental alternatives, public transport services, etc.

Offer the complete all-in-one binge mobility package

Apply the Netflix model, set a fixed price and offer users the ultimate freedom of unlimited use of mobility services. Offer a basic, pro or premium account, define which services are included. Let users easily switch from one subscription to another.

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Optimile can meet your EV charging business needs and provide a smooth charging experience to all drivers. Ready to go electric? Let’s roll!

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