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All-in-one mobility on the go

This white-labeled Mobility-as-a-Service Platform (MaaS) gives you the ultimate freedom to offer a wide range of mobility services to end-users in an efficient and flexible way. MaaS combines transportation services from public and private operators through a unified gateway that creates and manages the trip. Users only need one single account to cover this full service.


Billing and pricing

Set your own pricing strategies and manage subscription billing with flexible terms. Calculate revenues in just a few clicks.


User interface

Give real-time information about the available services, how to use them and what they cost.


Mobility Marketplace

Provide real-time interfaces between your service platform and your MaaS-customers through our Mobility Marketplace.


Customer management

Offer your customers a one-off or recurring mobility budget and provide the necessary tokens when needed.



Discover more features, give access to the right people. Analyse, review and get the most out of your platform.


Get the absolute best of what Software as a Service (SaaS) has to offer. Use our integrations with all kinds of management platforms. Build a customer relationship with the best tools available. Inspire your audience with relevant content and keep an overview of your data through graphs and charts. Our integrations with the SaaS platform are endless.


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  • Rely on a pioneer in creating an exhaustive shuttle service platform
  • Reach a large audience through our Mobility Marketplace
  • Easily combine your service with other mobility services


Frequently asked questions

Can the Mobility Service Provider decide which mobility services he wants to offer from the Mobility Marketplace?

Yes. The Charge Point Operator Platform is completely charging station manufacturer independent and compatible with all the major manufacturers (16 in total: 11 AC and 5 DC brands). This way the CPO can manage several brands of charging stations with only one platform.

What are the possible technical integrations to resell the Mobility Service Provider platform?

Taking into account the architecture and ecosystem of the client, Optimile offers several possibilities. The Mobility Service Provider solution is offered as: a SaaS-platform & app, a plug-in for an existing app environment, an API or SDK.

Can the Mobility Service Provider determine his own subscription structure towards mobility users?

For sure. The Mobility Service Provider addresses its own customers and can therefore completely choose its subscription and pricing strategy.

Is there a payment system linked to the Charge Point Operator platform?

An automated invoicing system automatically calculates monthly costs and sends out the invoices (both for the mobility operator and the mobility user).

Is there a billing system linked to the Charge Point Operator platform?

There is an automated invoicing system which monthly calculates the cost and automatically sends out the invoices both for the Mobility Operator and the Mobility user.