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And pave the way to facilitate daily commute

Respond to new shuttle needs with our Shuttle Service Platform and bring shared mobility services to citizens. Launch, control and define your own branded shuttle service, streamline your booking process, define zones and reach a tremendous amount of customers through our Mobility Marketplace.


Ready for use

Start your own shuttle service right away, with our ready-to-use platform. Saves you time and money.


Seating reservation

Guarantee your passengers a seat on your shuttle. Increase reliability, convenience and trust.


Notifications integration

Set up push-notifications to keep passengers up-to-date and enable a smooth journey experience.


Scheduling and tracking

Have a clear overview to schedule your shuttles with a click of a button. Get fast tracking of your shuttles and estimated arrival times.


  • No set-up fee
  • No license costs
  • Optimile continues developing thanks to a commission on booked services

Got any questions about the Cabsee platform? Don’t hesitate to contact us or visit the Cabsee website for more information.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the rules for creating a route?

There are no specific rules. Optimile offers the necessary freedom to create a route. Routes can be mapped by connecting precise track lines. Several locations are bundled into 1 zone. By including waypoints along the track, the exact route of the shuttle can be displayed.

Which audience can be addressed when offering the shuttle service?

The platform/app is offered to different kinds of mobility service providers. Therefore, a broad audience of connected mobility users all over Europe can make use of the shuttle service.

Can the shuttle operator create a different price structure for every shuttle line?

The price setting can be fixed, variable or dynamic, based on the pick-up and drop-off locations. Once a customer confirms a ride, the Mobility Marketplace guarantees the payment. This way, the operator enjoys a hassle-free pricing with only one invoice sent to the Mobility Marketplace.

Does the shuttle operator need a technical back-office in order to use the platform?

No, not at all. In case there is no API available to set up a connection, one of our own developed mobility operator platforms can be used.

What’s the set-up cost?

There’s no set-up fee nor license cost included. Optimile provides the platform and ongoing support thanks to an agreed commission on every booked session.