Validate e-tickets easily

Allow drivers to digitally verify legitimate passengers on your shuttle by scanning their boarding pass. Benefit from faster boarding times, savings on cash handling, hassle-free scalability and knowledge of all on-boarding passengers. Create new market opportunities through data collection from digital ticketing.

Simplify the boarding process

Verify legitimate passengers by electronically scanning their boarding passes before hopping on. Save your customers the frustration of printing tickets or searching for the correct change. Spare them the hassle of re-entering payment information every time they want to purchase an e-ticket.

Keep track of who signed up for your shuttle service

Reduce the needed customer connection time to a minimum, so your drivers can mainly keep their eyes on the road. Let them quickly verify the passengers who have reserved a seat from a digital booking details list, keeping them up to date of the current and upcoming passengers.

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Optimile can meet your EV charging business needs and provide a smooth charging experience to all drivers. Ready to go electric? Let’s roll!

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