Cabsee connects your taxi service with local and traveling mobility users

Save time, reduce costs and drive more customer’s requests.

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And keep your customers up-to-date on the status of their request.

With Cabsee we bundle all taxi requests from various mobility sources into one place. Easily connect to our dispatch platform and forward these incoming requests to your own drivers via the Cabsee app. This all-in-one solution allows you to simplify your daily taxi operations, boost your business and save a lot of time. A great way to face the changing needs of customers in a world of connected mobility.

user management

User management

Add different users, assign or restrict permission within the platform.


Location management

Map custom areas and routes, and set prices. Requests in your area will be automatically assigned to you.


Cashflow management

Get a clear and detailed overview of what you earn.


Request management

Accept, reject or assign incoming requests to one or multiple drivers. The mobility user will be notified when accepted by the driver.


  • No set-up fee
  • No license costs
  • Optimile continues developing thanks to a commission on booked services

Got any questions about the Cabsee platform? Don’t hesitate to contact us or visit the Cabsee website for more information.

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“Cabsee allows us to stay competitive in the changing transport industry. With a simple integration, we were able to reach so much more clients”


Frequently asked questions

How does the reservation system work?

When ordering a taxi ride through the app, a price estimation will be displayed to the mobility user. If the mobility user has sufficient credits, taxi drivers from the corresponding area receive a request which can be accepted, forwarded or refused.
Upon acceptance, the mobility user pays via the app upon completion of the taxi ride. At the end of the month, all connected taxi operators send their invoice (which is automatically created in the platform) to Optimile.

Which audience can be addressed when offering the taxi service?

The platform/app is offered to different kinds of MaaS providers. Therefore, a broad audience of connected mobility users all over Europe can make use of the taxi service.

Does the taxi operator need a technical back-office in order to use the platform?

No, not at all. In case there is no API available to set up a connection, one of our own developed mobility operator platforms can be used.

What’s the set-up cost?

There’s no set-up fee nor license cost included. Optimile provides the platform and ongoing support thanks to an agreed commission on every booked session.