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Accelerating sustainable mobility through Mobility as a Service

Seamlessly connected environment

As mobility is a growing concern to many of us, it’s time to kick Mobility as a Service into high-gear. We believe that everyone should be able to easily switch between different transportation modes, whenever, wherever, creating a seamlessly connected environment, without bullying car owners.

We fulfil people’s everyday travel needs, mapping out the best route, according to one’s destination and favourite transportation mode. Picture real-time personalized mobility information, a route planner and access to a whole range of transportation solutions. All in one single app.

All aboard the MaaS train!

We roll out the red carpet to a broad audience of mobility players: from shared bike and car initiatives to charging stations for electric vehicles, and from public transport operators to taxi services, etc. It’s only by working together that we can give everyone the ultimate freedom of using a wide range of mobility services in an efficient and flexible way.

That is why we have been offering our white-labelled MaaS-platforms to all kinds of industries, such as leasing companies, fuel stations, HR businesses, banks, etc.

Let’s join forces and create sustainable mobility together!

Do you want to offer mobility packages combining various transportation modes? Do you provide mobility resources or infrastructure, but want to attract extra customers? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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How it all started

Manufacturer of charging stations

Optimile was founded in 2009. It was then called BeCharged, and started as a manufacturer of charging stations, while offering charge point operators an exhaustive software platform to manage their charging stations.

Shifting to software solutions

In 2014, we fully played the MaaS card. This translated into our first own branded app called Mobiflow with over 3,500 users. At the same time, we’ve been developing software platforms and apps for different kind of operators and industries. And it looks very promising.

Meet the O-team

Committed to great mobility experiences

At Optimile we tackle complex challenges, create innovative solutions, and celebrate when someone decides to get rid of his car and chooses connected mobility instead. We dare to take risks, inspire those around us, and learn fast. Together, we shake up the mobility sector and generate smooth alternatives.
This calls for a continous open-minded search of new ideas. That’s why we offer our employees the opportunities to grow, and explore all potentials of the MaaS-landscape at events, webinars and conferences.

Interested in joining our O-team? Take a look at our career page!
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